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Frequently Asked Questions:



What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is a form of therapy involving general deep tissue massage as well as more specific/advanced techniques (such as Neuromuscular Technique, Soft Tissue Release and Muscle Energy Technique), and can be applied to the whole body. Primary purpose in the sporting environment is to aid with the preparation, recovery and performance of an athlete. Treatments can range from easing general aches and pains to dealing with sub-acute injuries.


What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial Massage utilizes all the techniques of Sports Massage and applies them the treatment of non-athletes. These can involve sub-acute and chronic conditions affecting the patient's working and private life. Common complaints include lower back and shoulder pain, often caused by posture at work or prolonged driving.


The therapist can also give advice on posture and suggest specific remedial exercises and stretches.


What happens during an initial consultation?

During the initial hour long consultation, the therapist will take your general medical history and some background information on physical activities. This is followed by physical and orthopaedic assessments, in order to identify a course of treatment. Once the assessments have been completed, the actual massage will begin.


What are Muscle Energy Techniques (MET)?

Muscle Engergy Techniques, generally referred to as METs, describe an advanced manipulative treatment of the soft tissue that has its origin in osteopathy, but has now transferred to a number of other manual therapies in a clinical setting.


They are an effective technique for the treatment of muscoskeletal dysfuntion. Led by the therapist, it involves the patient actively engaging their muscles in a directed and controlled way against a counterforce (initiated by the therapist), followed by a controlled stretching of the soft tissue.


METs have a wide range of application, from treating chronic muscular pain in those with limited movement, to injury prevention in performance athletes.


At KaiserSports, METs are generally used as part of a treatment in connection with deep tissue massage, as well as other advanced soft tissue techniques.






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Remember: You do not have to play sports to benefit from a Sports Massage!





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